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“I have 31 years of clinical physical therapy experience and I use Sae Arc and recommend to my patients… spinal stretching help target trigger points in the neck and back and noticeable relief on muscle tensions.”
Kevin Honsberger, PT and Owner of  Honsberger Physical Therapy Clinics.
“I am a Physical Therapist and I recommend and sell Sae Arc to my NFL and golf athletes to help improve posture and to increase spine flexibility…”  Ada Wells, PT and Owner of Pro-balance Inc.
“My family and I have been using Sae Arc at home and office for my patients….these devices are great to help ease neck and back pain due to misalignment and tools that I recommend.”  Dr. Cohn, DC, Owner of Cohn Health Institute
“I purchased the Sae Arc set couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you for developing such a beneficial product.   My neck and back have not felt this good since beginning grad school! Also, I mentioned your products to my chiropractor… Thanks again.”  Victoria Torok
“I strongly recommend Sae Arc devices to my patients who have neck and back pain due to the poor posture combining with acupuncture treatment.” Dr. Bae, OMD, LAc.

Dear Sae Arc:

I have herniation’s (bulging discs) in two discs in my cervical spine (neck) and degenerative disc disease in two others in my cervical spine, all stemming from a body surfing accident I sustained almost 20 years ago, in 1993.  In addition, I have lost all natural curvature in my cervical spine.

Since then, I have sought out advice from orthopedists and treatment from physical therapists in the medical community, chiropractic treatment and therapies from the chiropractic community, massage, acupuncture, truly the full gamut of treatment options to find ongoing relief and improvement in my spinal health.  I have had a CT scan and an MRI most recently.  Until now, I have thankfully avoided invasive procedures to correct these issues.

I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket on these services in addition to what the insurance companies have covered over the years.  ALL of these treatment options have brought me some level of relief of my episodic bouts with extreme discomfort in my neck, triggered by sometimes known, and sometimes unknown, causes.  At ALL times, however, I am in some level of minor or major discomfort.  Whenever I turn my head to either the right or left I can generate “pain” for example, even in the best of times.

2 weeks ago, I was exposed to the Sae Arc neck pillow at a trade show.  As soon as it was properly positioned, I was transformed.  I knew right away that my life would never be the same.  I proclaimed that I could lay on it all night, using it as a sleeping pillow.  I was strongly advised against this by the inventor, but in my case, this has turned out to be true.  I believe this is because of the lack of curvature in my cervical spine.  For the first time in many years, I can lay in a position, due the curve-inducing effect of the Sae Arc pillow, that restores the curvature in my spine, allowing me to lay comfortably, whereas if I lay on the floor without anything to elevate my head, it is extremely uncomfortable and even painful, something I would never do selectivity unless I was exercising.

Every day since bring the Sae Arc pillow home, I have been laying on the carpet in my home for AT LEAST 1 HOUR, using the Sae Arc pillow.  If I have time, I do it for longer, basically as long as I have time for.  I also use it as a stretching mechanism/surface.  By shifting positions, and pressing various spots in my neck against the pillow, I can also massage myself, and actually self-manipulate the bulging discs, for the first time since my accident.  It chokes me up with tears as I type those words.

The flexibility in my neck has improved so dramatically, in such a short time, that it’s astonishing.  The lack of discomfort I feel today compared to what I felt before the introduction of my “pillow therapy” is staggering in comparison.

The significance of the addition of this pillow to my daily life is A COMPLETE REVELATION.  My entire outlook on life has shifted.  My overall attitude and mood has improved as a result.  Then there’s the money and time part.  I have no doubt that the nominal price I paid for the pillow will save me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time in therapy/treatment over the rest of my life.  I also suspect that I’ll be able to stave off invasive procedures much longer by regular use of the Sae Arc pillow, perhaps indefinitely.  That thought alone brightens my overall outlook on life.  THANK YOU, for changing my life.

I mean it, the pillow has changed my life.  If I ever see your husband again, I will hug him and kiss him, because he has saved me from SO MUCH PAIN and SUFFERING.  My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed.

All the best to you and yours.

Travis Katz  (Dallas, TX  75248)